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Friday - Sunday: 09:00 - 19:00 Via Marco Polo, 2, 26020 Madignano CR +39338 991 0314

From domesticware to fine dining furniture, each pot is a unique piece.
I forming my pieces with stoneware and porcelain body.

The firing process takes place at 1300° C inside a kiln which I have handmade. Reduction firing happens over a period of 40 hours, with peak temperature reached in about 20 hours, as well as an additional 20 hours of slow-cooling. The gradual nature of the process allows me to obtain intense, deep and warm colors.

The unique nature of this process occurs between man’s intentions and the transformations that fire implements on natural materials, generating unique effects, incomparable to other techniques.

The particular “hardness” and resistance of the ceramic body and glazes make them durable, long-lasting and perfect for everyday dishware. The glazes are the result of continuous research and personal experimentation. I prefer to use wood ash of my own production, as well as other local raw materials.

The pots are created on the electric wheel or on my kick wheel and for other more delicate teacups and particular pieces, entirely handmade carving and forming.

Each piece is meticulously hand-crafted and free from harmful substances. Firing at such high temperatures allows me to use natural, raw
materials- free of lead, health-conscience of both those who create and those who buy, as well as limiting the environmental impact.

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