I was born in Crema in 1984.

My approach to pottery arises in unexpected situation.

After studying sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Brera, I started working in the marble trade while continuing my personal artistic research as a sculptor experimenting with various techniques and materials.

During a period of about six months of stopping due to a physical problem that forced me to bed almost all the time, I went back to study.

I was looking for a technique and a material that would allow me to fully express my intentions that in every creative moment give me the freedom and peace I needed to turn ideas into something concrete.

During that unending research I find out the “studio-potter”, a condition of life that is the synthesis between artist and craftsman in constant search for balance between aesthetics and functionality, between technique and interpretation, between rule and freedom.

Directly resulted from the philosophy of “Mingei” movement, it promised to encourage the production of beautiful and aesthetically high objects in simple and austere time for everyday domestic use.

So I said to myself “Where have you been up to nowm? I want to do it”.

The first thing I did was build my kick wheel, together try, experiments, failures, the construction of the kiln, the research of raw materials and prime, the meetings with other potters who have undertaken the same journey, which demonstrate a generosity and unexpected empathy.

“I was looking for the earth and the fire, and now I found them”.